— A festival for a christian multicultural generation —

25th-27th January

@Holtekilen Folkehøgskole, Micheletsvei 55 at Stabekk

Greater than the culture we come from, greater than the culture we meet, bigger than ourselves. God is greater and invites us to think greater, to share his perspective. The festival is for christian youth who want to learn more about the strengths and challenges of growing up among different cultures.

How can we live in the family with friends, at school and in church with a greater perspective, and let the good news of Jesus Christ affect our lives?

You can look forward to good seminars, exciting panel discussions, social activities, and gatherings with focus on Jesus.


25-27 of January (Friday 17:00 – Sunday 14:00)

Age group

15-23 years

Registration deadline

January 13th. Later registration 100 kr extra.


300 kr includes food and sleepover(for those who want)



Packing list

Indoor shoes for gymnastic, swimwear if you choose to go swimming, sleeping bag or duvet with bedsheets, toiletries, shower towel, notebook and bible. There is mattrass already.

Travel direction

Bus towards west from Oslo city center: 160 Rykkinn to Kveldsroveien (zone 1). Walking distance from there.


The festival is supported by: Ung baptist, PBU, misjonskirken Ung, frelsesarmeen barn og unge, FRIBU, MBU, DFEF UNG, Laget Interact and KRIK

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Espen Thilesen

 995 09 582


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